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  4. Revv Amplification G20 - All Tube Head Amp

Revv Amplification G20 - All Tube Head Amp

Revv Amplification G20 - All Tube Head Amp
Revv Amplification G20 - All Tube Head Amp
Revv Amplification G20 - All Tube Head Amp
Revv Amplification G20 - All Tube Head Amp
Revv Amplification G20 - All Tube Head Amp
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  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: RVG20

Revv Amplification G20

The G20 is the high-gain follow up to the world’s first Two notes Torpedo-Embedded amplifier. This all-tube head has an optional reactive load for organic feel & tone when playing without a cab & hosts virtual cabinets onboard for direct recording, silent playing, & live performance without a microphone.

With D20 we set out to build an amp that not only has this new modern featureset but sounds incredible on its own as a standalone clean/crunch platform amplifier. Now the G20 brings you all of that functionality & tone + amazing fire-breathing gain built right in.

Read more to see what G20 can do for you.

  •     All tube. ~9lbs. 20 or 4 watt operation.
  •     Crushing & Clear high gain tones developed with leading artist & producers.
  •     Two notes reactive load & virtual cabinets built in.
  •     2 Channels, FX Loop, MIDI, & more.
  •     Small amp – huge tones. The tone in your head, in an amp.
  •     Traditional, cabless, or hybrid. Recording, live, & home. G20 has you covered.

Note on Two notes Torpedo Embedded Features:  The following onboard featureset of Torpedo is currently available: Choice of speakers, cabinet, mic, mic position, EQ, & reverb all onboard. However, by owning the Revv Virtual Cabinets included in the amp – you are entitled to a lifetime copy of the Wall of Sound Plugin if you register with Two notes, where you can not only purchase more cabinet/speaker combinations if you choose, but you can also access more features such as compression, exciter, and more in your DAW.


  •     Crushing & Clear high gain tones developed with feedback from leading artists & producers
  •     2 Channels, 3-band EQ + Volume & Gain controls, Aggression & Wide voice switches
  •     Fully programmable & recallable via MIDI – or with optional footswitch
  •     Switchable from 20 to 4 watts
  •     2 6v6 – 3 12ax7
  •     Buffered Series FX Loop
  •     Switchable 4/8 Ohm speaker jack
  •     Embedded Two notes Reactive Load & Virtual Cabinets
  •     Go direct to Front of House, interface, or headphones – without a cabinet.
  •     Hundreds of virtual mics, speakers, cabinets, EQ, reverb, & more available.
  •     XLR Balanced Direct Output, USB, & Ground Lift for Torpedo Embedded
  •     6 Pre-Loaded Virtual Cabinets selectable via front knob – all customizable. Or up to 128 via MIDI.
  •     100ms Virtual Cabinet length
  •     “Pre & Post” switch selects whether (in reactive load direct mode only) the power amp is in the signal chain. This is so you can take advantage of Two notes’ power amp simulation & dramatically change the character of the G20 with virtual tubes such as EL34, if you like.
  •     Reactive Load automatically engages when speaker is not detected to preserve amp
  •     Select Between Internal & Speaker Load
  •     Level-Adjustable Headphone Out
  •     Small, Light, & Durable
  •     6.3125″x7.5″x12.3125″ including knobs, not including handle
  •     High Quality Transformers
  •     Easily Accessible Rear-Bias Test
  •     Easily Accessible Fuse
  •     Durable, Lightweight Aluminum Enclosure
  •     Weighs ~9lbs
  •     LED-Illuminated Badge
  •     International Voltages Available
  •     1 Year Warranty
Amp Specs
Watt 4 or 20
Tubes 2 x 6V6 3 x 12AX7
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