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Boss AD-10 - Acoustic Preamp Advanced Tone Tools for Serious Acoustic Players Anyone who plays an amplified acoustic guitar on stage knows what a challenge it is to get a sound that’s as inspiring as playing the instrument acoustically. The AD-10 is your solution to this age-old problem,..
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NATURAL ACOUSTIC SOUND EVERYWHERE YOU PLAY With the AD-2 Acoustic Preamp, acoustic-electric guitarists can now experience natural, studio-quality sound while performing on any stage. Equipped with an advanced BOSS sound engine, this compact pedal packs sophisticated processing power that belies i..
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Headway EDB-2 H.E Description New Equaliser Direct Blender – 2 Channel Harmonic Enhancer for 2020.   Previous version is Sold Out & discontinued. Acoustic Pre-Amplifier, EQ’s, D.I, Anti-Feedback, Blender, & Harmonic Enhancer – For Pickups & Microphone..
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Headway EDM-1 H.E Description EDM–1 H.E   Equaliser Direct Mini ~ Harmonic Enhancer Multi-function Pre-amplifier with 3 band EQ, Anti-Feedback/hum, Direct Injection, phase reverse, phantom power, FX Loop and Harmonic Enhancer functions for Superior Acoustic Amplification. ..
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Para DI™ Acoustic Direct Box & Preamp with 5-band EQ Para DI Acoustic Guitar PreampDue to its studio quality performance, powerful tone shaping EQ and rock-solid reliability, the Para DI has become an indispensable stage tool for countless musicians around the world. This roadworthy ..
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Venue DI™ Every Tool You Need in One Acoustic Pedal Venue DI Acoustic Guitar PreampWe created the Venue DI so you can travel light, set up fast and sound incredible anywhere you plug in. The Venue DI gives you complete control by combining a full-isolation DI output, 5-band EQ with adjus..
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Radial Tonebone PZ-PRE - Acoustic Preamp Radial Tonebone PZ-PRE - Acoustic Preamp
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Έχει χρησιμοποιηθεί μόνο ως demo εντός του καταστήματος. Σχε&de..
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