About Us

Since October 2007, we set up a new store with the ambition to responsibly cover the needs of both musicians and music gear enthusiasts in areas where the existing market fell short.

Relying on our expertise and experience through working with the music industry’s pro musicians as well as the serious hobbyist, we gathered a selection of products that are guaranteed to cover every need.

In our new store, you will find specialized items such as bodies and necks from selected woods for both guitar and bass, in the most classic and sought after designs. For the avid DIYers and those who love the occasional mod, we are ready to offer a wide selection of Parts & Accessories in order to cover anything from complete instrument builds to minor upgrades. If you feel overwhelmed or simply lack the time, our specialized workshop and expertise are available.

Effects, Multi-Effects, Amps and consumables such as Strings, Picks, Instrument care products etc. could not be missing from our store, so we offer an array of well-known and trusted brand products as well as alternatives we deem worthy of your attention.

Acknowledging new trends and the needs of modern recording musicians (whether be it professional or not), we created a Home Recording department where you will find anything related to home music production: from Audio Interfaces to cables and everything in between that will help musical ideas come to life.

It will be our pleasure to meet you in person and offer every possible advice or help, answer every question or query related to that which we all love. Music!

Sincerely yours,

Music Accessories