Crazy Tube Circuits Splash MK3 - Reverb

Crazy Tube Circuits Splash MK3 - Reverb
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: SPLASH MK3
Διαθεσιμότητα: Προπαραγγελία
Ποσότητα: Καλάθι

Splash MK3

A versatile studio quality reverb in a small pedal format, utilizing our proven technique of paralleling analog with digital to get best of both worlds.

Features 3 different reverb algorithms fully customizable via decay and excite controls.

Algorithm I   : The “exciter”. From a touch of ambience to spacious pad effect, especially on extreme settings.

Algorithm II  : Moderate sized reverb. From a spring style reverb up to room and hall .

Algorithm III : Large reverb. From hall to ambience.



Excite: Add harmonics and presence to the reverb signal. In the “exciter” algorithm it also controls predelay (0-100ms)

Decay: Length of reverb tail. In “exciter” mode when set to max decay goes almost to infinity (with “excite” set to max) while retaining the dynamic response of the other two algorithms.

Mix/Kill Dry: Control reverb level. Mix control is also a push-pull switch. In the up position (pull) kills dry signal to get 100% wet signal when maxed out.

Volume: When a large amount of reverb is applied it is normal for the instrument to get lost in the mix. Use this control to boost the output from 0-20db.

Toggle switch: Choose between the different reverb algorithms.

Built with the highest quality components available, features true bypass and operates with external 9-12V DC regulated power supply ( - center, + ring). Max current consumption 65mA @ 9V DC. Using a power supply of +15V DC may cause severe damage to the pedal and void warranty.

Warranty: Splash MkIII comes with 5 years warranty for all internal parts.


Effect Specs
Controls Excite, Decay, Mix/Kill Dry, Volume, Toggle Switch
Power Supply DC 9-15 V, 65 mA
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