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The PV 20 USB features built-in DSP effects with multiple reverbs and delays, plus vocal enhancer and much more, while a USB port allows direct connection to a USB-equipped computer for recording from the mixer or playing back digital audio (compatible with Mac OSX, Windows XP, ME & 2000). It also i..
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Strong and compact case; Convenient stand for the tablet; 2 channels Antares Auto-Tune; 4 combined XLR / 1/4 ?microphone inputs with preamps; The first 4 inputs are equipped with a switchable high-pass filter; 3-band equalizer on all channels; 4 channels with proprietary MidMorph equalization; Equa..
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The Peavey PV 5300 is an all-in-one powered mixer, providing up to four combination XLR and 1/4" inputs using premium Peavey mic preamps, and 200 watts of peak power for crystal clear audio reproduction. The Peavey PV 5300 uses exclusive features to accurately help improve tone and clarity of vocals..
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New rugged, slim, low-profile console design Convenient tablet cradle 2 combination XLR/1/4" low noise mic preamps 3-band EQ on all channels 2 channels of Peavey's exclusive MidMorph® EQ EQ bypass per channel LED clip and signal present indication 2 Channels of direct out Stereo pan control per cha..
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FLS Σύστημα Εντοπισμού Ανάδρασης Σίγαση εξόδου για τα κανάλια 1-5 Συνδυασμός XLR και ¼ jack εισόδου Εφέ ελεγχόμενα από πεταλιέρα και σίγαση ολικής εξόδου (Master Mute) Kosmos -C 9-Band Γραφικό EQ RCA, 1/8" Είσοδο πολυμέσων Διπλό τμήμα ελέγχου ισχύος με ανεξάρτητο έλεγχο RCA Εξόδους Εγγραφής On-boar..
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300 Watts 2x Stereo κανάλια Είσοδοι πολυμέσων Έξοδοι εγγραφής Πλήρες 3-band EQ ανα κανάλι Προεγκατεστημένα ψηφιακά εφέ και Delay Seven-band master Graphic EQ  Είσοδος USB για MP3 playback EFX αποστολή και επιστροφή Περιλαμβάνονται ηχεία και καλώδιο ηχείων Μίκτης 8 καναλιών Τμήμα αποδιδόμενης ισχύος..
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Detent volume controls Binding post (banana plug) outputs Ground lift switch 2 dual speed fans for cooling Built-in DC offset Short circuit and speaker protection DC servo operation Built-in digital current limiter Power ON, Clip, Signal, and Protect LED indicators for each channel Stereo (dual cha..
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8 balanced XLR είσοδοι μικροφώνων Είσοδοι Κασέτας/CD Έλεγχος επιπέδου Reverb σε κάθε κανάλι Line Out για σύνδεση σε εξωτερικούς ενισχυτές Είσοδος επιστροφής για σύνδεση με εξωτερικούς επεξεργαστές εφέ Record out για εγγραφή RF μαρεμβατική προαστασία σε όλες τις εισόδους 350 watts σε 4-ohm (2 x 8 oh..
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1,000 Watts RMS, 1500 Watts peak power FLS exclusive feedback detection circuit 7 channels with individual compression capability Antares Auto-Tune 8 combination XLR/1/4 inputs Assignable stereo power amp KOSMOS low-frequency enhancement Subwoofer line output Exclusive MidMorph EQ Effect to monitor..
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8 Total Channels 4 Mic/Line channels with wide-range gain noiseless preamps, XLR and balanced ¼” Jack connectors, 75Hz Low-Cut filter, +48V Phantom Power, Signal/Peak Indicator 2 Stereo Line Channels with balanced ¼” Jack inputs, with gain and Peak Indicator 3-Band EQ, Pan/Balance, Mute, PFL, Group..
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5 Total Channels 1 Mic/Line channel with noiseless preamp, combo connector, Hi-Z input for guitars, +48V Phantom Power, Peak Indicator 1 Stereo Line Channel with ¼” Jack inputs, +4/-10dB Pad Adapter and Peak Indicator 1 Stereo Line Channel with RCA and 1/8” Stereo Mini-Jack 2-Band EQ on channels fr..
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SOUNDSATION MIOMIX 204FX 6-Channel Professional Audio Mixer with 24-bit Digital Multi-Effect 6 Total Channels 2 Mic/Line channels with noiseless preamp, combo connector, Hi-Z input for guitars, +48V Phantom Power, Peak Indicator 1 Stereo Line Channel with Ό? Jack inputs, +4/-10dB Pad Adapter and Pea..
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