Jam Pedals RetroVibe MK2 - Vibe / Vibrato

Jam Pedals RetroVibe MK2 - Vibe / Vibrato
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The RetroVibe is our take on the greatest Vibe pedal ever made !

The original goal was to achieve the sound of a vintage UniVibe, but after getting there, we looked into taking things a few extra steps further !

Made with original NOS 2SC828 transistors and carbon comp resistors for a true full vintage sound !

Our RetroVibe not unlike the original Univibe, employs 4 photocells and a bulb to nail that Vibe sound we all know and love! You can choose between Vibrato and Chorus settings and navigate from slow rate liquid sounds all the way to fast Leslie speaker effects by setting the speed post 9 o’clock! Hendrix / Floyd fans, rejoice! This is IT!

An added twist ! We have incorporated an internal trimmer that affects the maximum intensity of the effect, but also dramatically manipulates the sound of the RetroVibe, all the while, maintaining the pedal’s true vintage character.

* Our current mk.2 version comes with a chorus/vibrato toggle switch and expression pedal input to control Speed !

*Be advised that the expression input only works with same spec expression pedals as our EXP4 which is sold separately through our e-shop 35€ / $35

* If you have an older version of the RetroVibe and want to have it upgraded, you can ship it over to us and we can take install the upgrades for you. Read the FAQ page for more information.

Technical Info

  • True-Bypass
  • Controls : Depth, Speed, internal trimmer for the Level of the effect, internal trimmer for the intensity of the effect
  • Works with a 9V DC adaptor tip-negative (inside the RetroVibe, power is ramped up to the original Univibe’s 15V DC) – not included
  • Uses 80mA of power when ON
  • Dimensions : 120 x 97 x 56 mm
  • Weight : 0,35 kg  /  0,8 lb
  • Limited Life-time warranty !

Effect Specs
ControlsDepth, Speed, internal trimmer for the Level of the effect, internal trimmer for the intensity of the effect
ConnectorsInput, Output
Power Supply9V DC 80mA