JHS Pedals Double Barrel V3

JHS Pedals Double Barrel V3
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Double Barrel V3

JHS Double Barrel

The JHS Double Barrel is a dual overdrive pedal that features the gorgeous tone of the JHS Morning Glory as well as a modified TS-808 circuit for two incredible overdrive pedals in one. The left side of the JHS Double Barrel is the Morning Glory circuit for discrete, transparent overdrive. The right side is a tweaked TS circuit based on the original TS-808 with upgrades like more focused low end, better presence, warmer clipping, and a more usable Tone control. On top of this, V3 features the ever popular 3-way clipping switch is also added for a single, versatile circuit. Both of these circuits provide an incredible array of tonal flavor but the true magic of the JHS Double Barrel is how they stack. Both sides are tuned for optimal tone when run together yielding lush, harmonic-laden overdrive with plenty of sustain and cutting power. Not only can they be stacked but the center switch allows the user to choose the stacking order, further multiplying the variety of sounds available in this pedal. The JHS Double Barrel is a one-stop shop of overdrive tone and can meet most needs on its own.

JHS Double Barrel Features:

  • True Bypass
  • Morning Glory Overdrive (left side)
  • Modified TS-808 Overdrive (right side)
  • Stackable w/ Switchable Stacking Order
  • Standard -9vdc Operation


V1 = Slightly darker cream powder coating, no toggle switches, just 6 knobs.

V2 = Color change to more white, order toggle switch was added, morning glory bright cut switch added.

V3 = 808 gain toggle added, shotgun logo slightly changed.

Effect Specs
Controls Volume 1 Knob, Drive 1 Knob, Tone 1 Knob, Volume 2 Knob, Drive 2 Knob, Tone 2 Knob,
Connectors Input, Output
Power Supply 9V DC, 40mA
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