Tsakalis Audioworks Experience

Tsakalis Audioworks Experience
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Fuzz Octave

Experience is a unique Fuzz Octave pedal that was designed to revive the sounds of the 70's with a modern touch.

It features 2 stand alone channels in series (fuzz and octave) which can be used individually or together, offering a wide range of dirty goodness!

The Octave channel produces a classic and easy to manipulate octave up effect, enhancing your tone with ringing octaves and micro-phonic feedback at the end of every note.

It features separate volume ant tone controls for a wide range of colors

The fuzz channel was designed to produce a wide range of tones. From mild and creamy overdrive and classic fuzzy tones, all the way to heavily distorted goodness with sub octaves, similar to trombone and analog synth! Equipped with 2 vintage silicon transistors with fet clipping for richness and detail and four controls (gain, volume, tone and damage with which you can adjust the type of distortion).

The combination of the 2 channels is were the real fun begins! Infinite tonal possibilities await for you to create your signature sound!

Unleash your creativity and let the "Experience" do the rest..


  • 100% Handmade
  • Tube Amp Style Hand Wiring (TASHW)
  • True Bypass
  • 2 stand alone channels (fuzz & octave)
  • 2 vintage silicon transistors with fet clipping
  • Volume & Tone controls for octave channel
  • Gain, Volume, Tone & Damage controls for fuzz channel
  • Analogue synth & trombone like sounds available
  • 1 Heavy Duty Foot switch for each channel
  • Internal 9V battery clip
  • Power supply : regulated 9-12V DC (center -)
  • Max power supply : 5mA @ 9V DC
  • Heavy duty & light weight aluminum box
  • Dimensions : 120mm(Width) x 95mm(Depth) x 34mm(Height)

Effect Specs
Ins, Outs, Switches Input, Output, Volume, Tone, Damage, Gain, Octave Volume, Octave Tone
Power Supply 9-12V DC, 5mA
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