Warranty and Returns

You have the right to cancel an order within 1 hour of making it.

At the end of the aforementioned time the cancellation cannot be accepted.



You have the right to return the entire order or part of it without having to tell us why you wish to return the product within 14 working days of the date you received it. In this case, you only bear the direct cost of returning the products. If the reason for your refund relates to a company's fault, we are committed to the cost of returning the product.


You are obliged to send the product in the good condition in which you received it, without the packaging being tampered with and confirming that the product's special markings have not been removed. In addition, you must include the retail receipt at the same time as submitting a cancellation notice. The refund will be accepted only upon approval of the company.


In the event of a refund, depending on how you choose to pay for your order and how your refund will be refunded, your refund will be refunded within 8 days of the date we receive the goods. If the reason for the refund relates to a company error, Music Accessories is committed to re-sending a courier to the address you have appointed to receive the order at your own expense.


If the consumer wishes to return his order without being guilty of the company then the shipping costs are borne by the consumer himself. Once the product leaves you, Music Accessories receives it within 1-2 business days for returns within Greece and via Speedex Courier. In the event that you choose other carriers, we cannot provide any warranty on the delivery times of the products you return. Once we have received the product, we will process your request immediately and will inform you by e-mail how it will be processed.


Music Accessories, wishing to offer you the best possible service, gives you the right to submit any complaints electronically